My Kit

Chris Janus drum kit 2005

This was my setup while playing in KEVORKIAN circa 2005.

  • DW 6-piece (maple shells)
  • 8.5″ by 14″ Mapex Bud’s Eye Snare
  • Dual 21″ Sabian Hand-Hammered Raw Bell Dry rides, one on each side.
  • 18″ Sabian chinas
  • 20″ Sabian AAX Chinese
  • 18″ Zildjian A Custom Fast Crash
  • 18″ Paise Signature Series Fast Crash
  • 17″ Zildjian K China Boy
  • 20″ Zildjian Custom Swish
  • 14″ Zildjian A Custom High-Hats
  • DW 9000 dual kick pedal
  • Gibraltar front rack bar
  • Misc DW and Sound Percussion hardware
  • Remo pinstripe heads

I’ve been playing a similar setup since, however I’ve recently been inspired to completely rip it apart and set it up how I’ve REALLY wanted it to be. I did this once before and loved it, though it wasn’t very conventional for fitting into tiny clubs with little/no stages. It ends up being somewhat of a funky left-handed kit, though I’m right-handed.