Go Left, Young Man…

Most drummers naturally favor their strong hand when playing and don’t pay attention to their left limbs.

I had started drumming in the later years of high school and had no prior music education. I had never been in marching band or any other school band project. I didn

New Site Under Construction

My name is Chris Janus, and I’m a drummin’ fool.

My name is Chris Janus, and I’m a drummin’ fool.

This site will be my new and updated ‘drumming’ site which will take over for NYCDrummer.com when it’s finished, seeing as how I haven’t lived in NYC for over 3 years now and can’t really refer to myself as “NYC-” anything at this point.

This new site will have some of my updated drumming pics, videos and mp3s of course. Now that I have my own studio at hand, I may even attempt to record a few drum solo videos or other random music with friends just because. However, this will be more of therapeutical site for myself and hopefully an informational site for other drummers and musicians out there today.

While I do still currently play with bands and friends, my life goals have shifted since I first headed to Berklee back in 1995. While I did reach a number of noteworthy achievements that I never thought much of until recent years, I never ‘made it big’ or became a world famous musician/rockstar/metal god. However, I did have some funny ass times and learn a ton about music, the industry, myself, and other people throughout my musical journey.

So I plan on using this site to post some of my stuff, recall some funny stories, and complete/pass along some of the knowledge and lessons I’ve learned through Berklee and my experiences.