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  1. My problem is after the show I have about 2 hours’ then I am wiped out for that evening and next day. Playing 4 hours’ and loading and unloading is tough ,ANY TIPS ON HOW TO STAY COOL not just water I talking about body temp. thanks

  2. hi greg,

    rest and eating well will definitely give you tons more energy which would help (more than you think). however, i know what you’re talking about – it’s like a marathon playing shows between all the packing up, traveling, unpacking, playing, packing up, traveling back, unpacking again….(then sometimes going to work just a few hours later…ugh!)

    i’m really not a huge fan of energy drinks, but i did find that half a redbull about half an hour before i played a show did give me some surprising energy for the night. for me, it seemed to kick in more AFTER playing which gave me a lot more energy for all the packing up.

    regarding staying cool, lots and LOTS of fluids for sure….before, during AND after playing the show. as a drummer, you’re physically exerting yourself so you’re bound to be running hot and thirsty no matter what you do. i used to have a portable fan i took with me that i kept pointed at me while playing, and that helped me keep a bit cooler. i usually kept a gallon of water next to me and kept drinking throughout the show which always helped too. last, make sure you’re wearing fairly light clothes that ‘breathe’ when you play. i never understood guys who would play in long jeans, shirts AND hoodies. i’m a sweaty mess when i play and would completely suffocate. i had shorts and a comfortable shirt i took with to change into at shows. you can buy shirts/shorts made for excercise/workouts with special light material for ‘breathing’ for pretty cheap at Target or similar. simple black or other colors too, so it’s not like you’d look like you’re starting your cross fit routine at your grindcore show 😉

    hope that helps. thanks for the comments!

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