Go Left, Young Man…

Most drummers naturally favor their strong hand when playing and don’t pay attention to their left limbs.

I had started drumming in the later years of high school and had no prior music education. I had never been in marching band or any other school band project. I didn

2 thoughts on “Go Left, Young Man…”

  1. Hi Chris, great constructive ideas for “the weak side”. My problem is I’m a lefty but play open handed on a right handed kit. Right foot on the bass drum. I struggle to lead into fills with my right. Obviously I need to get this down as fills are so difficult leading with my left hand, going around the kit to the right. Thanks. Steve.

    1. hi steve,
      interesting! did you learn to play on a righty kit, or is that just how you feel more comfortable playing? you could still mix things up to push yourself into uncomfortable zones though. the more you work on your ‘uncomfortable’ areas, the more you open yourself up and make yourself stronger on the whole.

      start simple – maybe try playing to some of your favorite (easier) songs but specifically play everything right hand lead. if playing left-foot lead is more natural to you, you could try practicing that way so you can focus on your hands more. also, perhaps you could try moving a few toms to your left side to help practice your right-hand lead fill-ins. this way you wouldn’t be battling both uncomfortable hands AND drum positioning at the same time. once you get more comfortable leading fills this way, then right-hand lead fills might feel better or a bit more natural to you when playing on your normal set up.

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